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Work smarter in Photoshop CC – Enhance your workflow

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Tips & Tutorials, by Rebecca Greig

Here are three unique features in Photoshop CC that will enhance and improve the workflow of designers, illustrators and photographers

Enhance your workflow

Focus Area selection tool

This tool works out what is in focus based on the amount of detail present in an image. You can then make selections from the focus area, which makes this tool a great time-saving alternative to the Pen tool. It works especially well for images where the main subject is in focus and the background is not.

Upsampling tool

This is the most useful feature for print designers or anyone who often works with lower-resolution images that need to be scaled up.

Photoshop CC enables you to resize images within the program while retaining the required detail – you will no longer have to resort to using third-party plug-ins.

Non-destructive elements

Having the ability to apply filters and effects in a non-destructove way is a huge bonus to anyone using Photoshop CC. This is because it allows you to play with the effects to enhance your image without having to commit to them or duplicate the layer.