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Trend focus: Displacement effects

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We thoroughly enjoy the need and constant appeal of this regenerative illustration style

Artist: Teddy Soegiarto /

Trend focus: Displacement effects

“Interpretation of human being, the need to protect yourself from many various distractions and problems in this modern era.”

Credit: Johan Winarto; Model: Elisabet Artika; Digital imaging & visual effects: Teddy Soegiarto (theycallmeteddy)


Trend focus: Displacement effects

Promotional material for TEE41 Urbanwear’s ‘Rhythm of Fashion’ series

Credit: Photography by Johan Winarto; Wardrobe courtesy of TEE41 Urbanwear; Model: Dian Yanitra, Erick Suwandi; Art direction, visual effects and design: Teddy Soegiarto (theycallmeteddy)

Artist: Alberto Seveso /

AP: Who has been the main inspiration for your style?

Alberto Seveso: Well, to be honest nobody inspired me to do this displacement effect because, I’m proud to say, that I invented this style in 2007. Before this turning point I got my inspiration from artists such as Alessandro Bavari and Dave McKane, but they have a style totally different from mine.

Trend focus: Displacement effects

AP: Have digital software improvements in turn improved the standard of this effect?

Alberto Seveso: Yes, the improvements to digital software improved this effect. The new versions of Photoshop give me the freedom to manage vector shapes. All the shapes that you can see in my portraits are built from these shapes and not brushes.

AP: What other visual approaches augment displacement effects

Alberto Seveso: The other visual effects that augment displacement effects are drop shadows. The shadows offer images depth, which simulate 3D. This 3D effect enhances the feeling of displacement in objects.

AP: Do you see the displacement effect evolving into new exciting styles?

Alberto Seveso: The displacement effect has been evolved in a very natural way. A few years ago this style was a kind of outline to make the photos more beautiful and didn’t touch the body of elements. But now it’s applied more liberally across all image elements, thus becoming the main creative component rather than mere decoration.

  • Displacement effects are certainly becoming more and more popular. I think that may have to do with the number of tutorials now available for the effect and how often its shown up in magazines and advertisements.