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Top 5 pro branding tips

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Tips & Tutorials, by Rebecca Greig

Release the potential of your designs using these tried-and-tested pro-approved techniques

Top 5 pro branding tips

■ Less is more

Mark Bloom, Mash Creative

Some of the most recognisable brands in the world use a simple marque or logo type; for example, think how simple the Nike tick is. Also, if it works in black, it should work in any colour.

■ Know your audience

Dave Cox, Elevendy

What trends do your customers resonate with? What do they do when they’re not thinking about you? How can you show you care? Go beyond the ideal customer profile and get to know the champions of your product; they’ll tell you more than you can imagine.

■ Find a balance

Paul Taylor, BrandOpus

Always ensure that you are balancing the ability to understand where a brand has come from with the vision for where the brand wants to go to. You must be mindful not to lose the essentials of the past when transforming for the future.

■ Scalability

Mark Bloom, Mash Creative

Consider how the logo will look large and small. It is important that it remains legible, even when scaled down small; on a website, for example.

■ Don’t get discouraged

Galin Kastelov, Realist

Even though you start full of enthusiasm, you inevitably get low in spirit at some point. In order to push through, you just have to believe in the process.