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These 5 tips from Cream Studios will enhance your pro Photoshop work

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Cream Studios share their top 5 tips for enhancing your professional Photoshop work in issue 135 of Advanced Photoshop

At work in Cream Studios

Australian CG and retouching luminaries Cream Studios share their top 5 production tips plus much more in issue 135 of Advanced Photoshop, on sale from 14th May 2015. Purchase a print copy from our online store during May 2015 and you’ll get 10% off to celebrate Imagine Publishing’s 10th birthday! You can also purchase the magazine digitally from

Here are Cream Studios’ top 5 tips:

■ Image library
Always keep an eye out for great images or textures that are difficult to replicate. Nature is random, and computer-generated material is rarely random enough to look real.

■ Reference
Take the time to think and research at the start of each project and pay attention to detail. An abundance of reference material from the get-go can often save a lot of headaches down the line, and create a better final image.

■ Get outside
If possible, take advantage of a break at some point during the day to get outside and readjust your eyes. Constantly staring at pixels for hours on end can really have a negative effect on productivity, as well as creativity.

■ Keep it real
It’s very difficult to fool the eye; you’ve got years’ worth of images stored in your head as reference. Sometimes the best way to create torn paper is to go and shoot some torn paper.

■ File organisation
Always try to organise your files with others in mind. If someone else (more often a client these days) needs your layered file, a complicated layering or non-existent naming system helps no one. Delete nothing.


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