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These 4 apps will enhance your CC productivity instantly

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Tips & Tutorials, by Rebecca Greig

These four handy apps will be sure to enhance your CC productivity when you are on the go and away from your desktop

4 apps to enhance your productivity

Adobe Creative Cloud

Price: Free

Compatability: iOS 8.1 or later.

If you use Creative Cloud to store and manage your artwork, then this app is included as part of your membership.

It can be used to browse and preview PSDs and other design files from your iPhone or iPad, which is very handy if you’re on the go and quickly need to reference files.

Also because Creative Cloud lets you collaborate with others, you can view comments, feedback and ratings anywhere.


Adobe Color CC

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or later.

Formally known as Adobe Kuler, this app has been updated for the Creative Cloud.

It lets you capture colour combinations when you are out and about using your iPad or iPhone’s camera. The app then extracts the colours, which you can then save as a theme.

The theme is then instantly uploaded to your other Adobe apps, if you are connected to the Creative Cloud, and you can even share them with your friends via social media or email.

This app is great as it allows you to save any colours that may inspire your creativity from wherever you are.


Behance creative portfolio

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or later; Android 4.0 or later.

Behance offer two apps with close links to Photoshop. These apps enable you to take your portfolio and any artwork that has inspired you from other artists with you when you are on the move.

The main Behance app lets you browse all of the latest images on the website and the Creative portfolio app lets you showcase your own artwork in an aesthetic way, which is perfect for client meetings, or when you need to show prospective employers your work.


Creative Cloud tutorials

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or later.

This free app is perfect if you are still learning about Photoshop CC, or are hoping to pick up a new program in the CC range, such as After Effects or Illustrator. It gives you access to over 700 handy tutorials all about the different aspects of the Creative Cloud.

You’ll never waste time on a boring commute again as you can watch these informative video tutorials from anywhere on your device! Always stay productive by picking up the pro tips with these tutorials.