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Take control of brushes with Advanced Photoshop 140: Part 3

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Discover even more pro tips for taking control of your brushes with advice from Advanced Photoshop 140’s cover artist Adam Varga

Cover of Advanced Photoshop 140

In issue 14o of Advanced Photoshop, artist Adam Varga shares a wealth of creative and tool-based techniques to help you paint like a pro. In his extensive guide, you’ll learn how to take complete control of brushes, whether they’re Photoshop’s default ones or third-party add-ons. Here’s a final taster of his expert advice.

“Scattering is excellent for duplicating your brush in one easy stroke. Adjusting the Scatter Amount and Count is very useful when drawing natural elements such as rain, flowers, or birds. Textures, such as canvas or rock, can easily be applied to your brush in the Textures panel. Raising the scale while lowering the brightness, contrast, and depth is a useful tool when painting in texture mode. Colour Dynamics are very useful for brush gradients in Fade Control and to randomise colours in Pen Pressure Control, which can help in drawing multi-coloured leaves or clouds.”

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