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Take control of brushes with Advanced Photoshop 140: Part 1

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Discover some pro tips for taking control of your brushes with advice from Advanced Photoshop 140’s cover artist Adam Varga

Cover of Advanced Photoshop 140

In issue 14o of Advanced Photoshop, artist Adam Varga shares a wealth of creative and tool-based techniques to help you paint like a pro. In his extensive guide, you’ll learn how to take complete control of brushes, whether they’re Photoshop’s default ones or third-party add-ons. Here’s a taste.

“Click the Brush tab and then Brush Tip Shape. In this panel are your basic adjustments, which are fairly self-explanatory. Size, Angle, and Roundness can be controlled numerically or by adjusting the slider, pivot points, or arrow on the sample circle. Hardness controls the edge softness, but note that on some brushes Hardness is disabled. Spacing controls the distance between each painted stroke. If you find your brushes lagging, your Spacing may be too low! About 10-20 percent is a good amount.”

Find out more about controlling your brushes in issue 140 of Advanced Photoshop, available now as a digital edition for you to read instantly.

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