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Secrets of a successful retoucher: Part 2

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Expert retoucher Dominique Fraser shares her thoughts on how to get into retouching and how her site supports women entering the industry in particular

Retouching by Dominique Fraser
Elisabeth. Photographer: Daniel Cianfarra

“Throughout my career, I’ve noticed that men often have an easier time getting started,” says Dominique Fraser. “They dive right in, they learn on the fly, and they make it work. Women, on the other hand, take longer to feel ready and able. In all the courses I’ve given, 80 per cent of my students have been women. These women are extremely talented, but they don’t think they’re good enough to be successful. However, in general, women are more instinctive and more creative, and clients often prefer working with them.

“When I founded Sublim Creative Studio 7 years ago I was alone in this new world with only one contact in the industry. I started my career with all of those same doubts and insecurities. I have learned so much along way so there was always a desire to create a website where I could share all of the tricks, techniques, and recipes I have developed in order to create my own success.

“What I actually did though was create the website I would have liked to have access to 7 years ago.”

Part of the unique offering on (for male and female retouchers alike!) is the monthly webinar that Dominique runs. “Every month I offer free instruction on photo retouching, marketing and career development. I also encourage people to ask me questions about the photo retouching industry. It’s a good moment for me to connect directly with fans and retouching lovers in America and Europe. I plan my webinars so that people from both sides of the ocean can follow along and I give my advice in French and English.”

Check back next week to find out about Dominique Fraser’s unique approach to beauty retouching.

Dominique Fraser

Dominique Fraser is an expert retoucher and the founder of Sublim Creative Studio and Je Suis Fabuleuse. Her clients include Giorgio Armani and Moet & Chandon. Dominique Fraser portrait photography: David Cannon

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