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Secrets of a successful retoucher: Part 1

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Expert retoucher Dominique Fraser shares her thoughts on how to get into retouching and what she’s doing to help others succeed in the industry

The Robots Series
The Robots Series: Art Direction: Dominique Fraser & Mariev Rodrig Photographer: Brian Ypperciel

“I actually became a retoucher by accident,” explains Dominique Fraser. “Years ago, I was a graphic designer focusing on digital illustrations, not photo retouching. I liked working on hyper-realistic illustrations with Photoshop, but this could take anywhere from 30-50 hours to create one illustration.

“One day, I was approached by a renowned photographer from Montreal who changed my career path. I started finding ways that I could work with an actual photograph and within a few hours, reinvent it completely. And this paved my path to specialising as a retoucher.”

Now at the top of her game, Dominique Fraser is paying forward by giving other retouching newcomers a valuable hand-up in the industry. To do this, she’s set up Je Suis Fabuleuse, a specialist site designed to help wannabe retouchers succeed. “I want retouchers to have everything they need in one place at and to expand their knowledge about the high end retouching industry. I also wanted to provide a resource where a retoucher can go and find everything related to photoretouching and transforming their passion into a really lucrative career,” she explains.

In the near future, visitors to can find resources such as:

  • Interviews with top high-end retouchers
  • How to sell more
  • How to find international clients
  • How to be professional and to have your client calling you repeatedly because they don’t want any other retoucher working with them, since you give them this extra je ne sais quoi
  • How to become more efficient, which translates into more money in YOUR pocket
  • Developing good habits with nomenclature, the best way to save your files on your server
  • What are the best websites to gain inspiration and help to predict next year’s trends
  • And much more….

“My goal is to help digital imagery artists create a fabulous life for themselves where they have fun and make money out of their true passion!” she says.

Check back next week to find out about Dominique Fraser’s views on extreme beauty retouching, the role of women in the industry and a new wave sweeping the retouching world.

Dominique Fraser

Dominique Fraser is an expert retoucher and the founder of Sublim Creative Studio and Je Suis Fabuleuse. Her clients include Giorgio Armani and Moet & Chandon. Dominique Fraser portrait photography: David Cannon

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