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Photoshop Tip: RAW Smart Objects

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One of the major factors in a creative composition is making the most of a shoot in a controlled environment

Photoshop Tip: RAW Smart Objects

This doesn’t mean making sure that every light value is matched over multiple shots, which is actually nearly impossible when capturing outdoor and model stock separately.

Thankfully, digital software always finds a way to compensate your light-matching issues, which is great and cost-effective for those of us who just don’t have the time or equipment to control an entire setting on a shoot.

RAW, working with Photoshop Smart Objects, is particularly advantageous. When shooting a model against a neutral background, you can then open your photo in RAW, using native options to achieve a greater exposure – creating contrast between model and backdrop. Then simply hold the Shift key, selecting Open Object.

You’ll be in Photoshop, with your photo as a Smart Object. Proceed to make your model selection and applying masks to cut away the original backdrop. Now you can place your model into multiple settings, being able to reactivate RAW (double-clicking your Smart Object) and optimising your light control by tweaking and editing settings. This is a great building block for further effects such as painting with curves and applying colour adjustments.