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Photoshop Tip: Migrating presets

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Swapping Presets between Photoshop versions was a long-drawn-out process, having to select Edit>Preset Manager and upload all your groups of brushes, swatches, gradients

Photoshop Tip: Migrating presets

Having to do this all over again with the latest version Photoshop may have seemed daunting. Photoshop CS6 and CC once again takes the responsibility away from users, now doing it all for you.

All you have to do is activate the new Edit>Presets>Migrate Presets option and Photoshop shows a dialog asking whether you’d like to migrate presets from following versions – just click OK. You can do this several times with software recognising several versions back, one at a time.

Furthermore, from this new option set you can choose Export/Import Presets. Here, you can make sharing between computers and co-workers easy.

When choosing Export Presets, Photoshop saves to an Exported Presets folder, with subcategories folders matching your preset types. It really is that simple.