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Photoshop Tip: Erodible brushes

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Tips & Tutorials, by The Advanced Photoshop Team

Photoshop CS6 and CC have built upon the success of predecessor’s own improved brush engine with some real hidden gems.

Photoshop Tip: Erodible brushes

Activating the Brush palette, users can now select one of sixteen new Erodible brush tips, editable through their own options menu.

Here you can set your points to variable shapes, including pointed, flat and round ends. Square and Triangle shaped tips complete the set.

As you work with this, Photoshop intuitively dulls your nib, softening and thickening application, mimicking real-world media such as charcoal and graphite pencils.

These brushes are highly suited to sketching projects, an opinion that is reinforced through the Sharpen Tip option. This resets your nib to its original state – much like the sharpening of a pencil.

This option can also be designated a Keyboard Shortcut and, when coupled with Photoshop CS6 or CC’s new HUD brush capabilities, operation becomes more intuitive than first realised.

Holding Cmd/Ctrl+Opt/Alt, you can still increase size, dragging from left to right. However, now dragging up and down painters can alter Hardness settings and affect Opacity. Your applied setting amounts are also much clearer through a visible info box, showing you specific Diameter, Hardness and Opacity values.


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