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Photoshop tip: Create a simple space scene

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Tips & Tutorials, by The Advanced Photoshop Team

We show you a simple way to create a striking space-themed backdrop in Photoshop

Begin by filling a blank canvas with 100% Black/40% Cyan. Go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise, applying an amount of 20%, set to Gaussian with the Monochromatic box activated, so the noise is black and white. Duplicate this layer and hit Cmd/Ctrl+T. Transform the layer’s size by four times so the noise looks more like small stars. Set the blending mode to Screen.

Add a new layer; set your Background colour as black and Foreground as a bright turquoise. Next, go to Filter>Render>Clouds, then repeat but this time adding a Difference Clouds filter to the layer. Press Cmd/Ctrl+F to add this filter effect several times. Set the blending mode to Screen. Double-click on this layer to bring up the Layer Style options and find the This Layer slider at the bottom of the palette. Opt/Alt-drag the left black slider so it divides into two and tweak these values until satisfied.

Repeat the Clouds and Difference Clouds process on a new layer with a bright purple tone. Set this layer to Hue and double-click. Repeat the This Layer slider step. Now group the two coloured layers and press Cmd/Ctrl+T, increasing the size of this group until you focus in on a section which looks like deep space.

Space scene tip

  • Ed

    Anyone can tell me how to fill a blank canvas with 100% Black/40% Cyan ???

    Would much appreciate a reply 🙂

  • Ed

    Ok don’t worry I figured it out … but for anyone who doesnt know in the right hand side of photoshop there are three sliders just play with them when bucket fill is selected to get the right colour 🙂