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Mimic Movement – Expert advice for using selections

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Tips & Tutorials, by Rebecca Greig

Icon AdvertIsIng’s AjIth Pran reveals how selectIons can add dynamIsm and a sense of energy to even the most statIc of Images

F1 Final Ajith Pran“This visual was created for an advertising campaign for one of Dubai’s leading sports magazines. Titled Adrenaline Rush by Icon Advertising, the visual was conceptualised by Firas. O. Tiirhi, creative and managing director at Icon Advertising, with the objective being to dramatise a visually stunning representation of the rush experienced behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car.

“We used the Pen tool for most of the selections in this visual. I prefer using the Pen tool for a perfect cut-out. The car itself was selected using the Pen tool as this tool offers more flexibility in editing the path and making a perfect selection. The other elements in this visual were selected using the Pen tool in combination with the Quick Selection tool and also by using the Color Range. For grading we used Channel Mixer and Color Balance.”

“To create realistic motion blur, I used the Path blur in Photoshop cc and added some light flares. following this I created the atmosphere using color balance, curves and levels. for the final HDR tone, I merged a duplicate layer in linear light blend mode, then used Desaturate>Filter>Other>High Pass with 1.6 radius.”