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How I Made: Future Sport

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This artist reveals how evolving your working relations is as important as enhancing your design skills

How I Made: Future SportMike Campau  has realised the importance of promotion and being noticed. “Whether using social media, online blogging or contributing to magazines like Advanced Photoshop, it’s all part of building my brand,” he says.

Campau’s brand is reinforced through his new and improving technical skills, including the ability to apply realistic CG elements. He explains: “With advanced render engines and huge increases in processing speed, Photoshop has become an invaluable tool that I now use every day.”

The connection of Photoshop tools to isolate objects is also paramount. “I always use Calculations, Selective Color and Refine Edges,” he explains. “By far the biggest growth in my career has come from my connections. Collaborating with photographers has definitely pushed me to be a better artist.”

  • Curves and Gradient Map adjustments were applied to achieve a final overall colour tone and balance, which helps all the elements blend into one seamless image.
  • I composited multiple photographs of nighttime cityscapes into one scene, adding this to a background plane. I used it for my CG environment. This is a similar process to matte painting in the movies.
  • The Pen tool and Alpha Channels were used to isolate the model and bike, making selection far more detailed when it came to compositing.
  • The bridge in the background was created with CGI and rendered to match the lighting of the model in-studio. Flaring and tone work were added in post-production, using Photoshop.
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