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Make an impact with your portfolio website

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Tips & Tutorials, by Rebecca Greig

Having the perfect portfolio website is a must if you want to stand out from the ever-growing creative crowd

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We can be a fickle bunch when it comes to surfing the net, and only spend mere seconds on a new site unless something truly unique grabs and holds our attention. There are many elements that you must consider when putting your portfolio site together.

  • Make an instant impact Include your best and most memorable piece of work on the opening page of your portfolio site. Make sure it is something unique and shows off your skills at their best. It is also good if the piece of art is something that sums your work up and entices viewers to continue clicking through the site.
  • Keep it simple Keep you site’s design relatively simple so it doesn’t distract anyone viewing it away from your work. Remember your work should be the focal-point of your entire site.
  • Only include your best work Many viewers won’t spend ages trawling through hundreds of images and pieces of work, so you should only include your very best. Pick a range of things that show different skills and techniques and are a good depiction of you as a creative. Having loads of similar pieces won’t make people stick around and continue looking.
  • Keep it updated Although you will have some pieces of work that you love and will always feature them in your portfolio, make sure you regularly update the selection, taking a few down and putting new ones up. It will keep everything fresh and entice anyone returning to your site to check back in the future, and perhaps even share your work with their friends.
  • Remember the About Me section Having an About Me section is almost as important as the work itself. It should include a little bio about yourself, as well as your contact details should anyone want to hire you. Without an About Me section you are less likely to be contacted by anyone that likes your work.
  • Use Keywords Be sure tag your pieces of art with some keywords and consider your phrasing in anything you write. Making use of keywording will be to your advantage as it makes your site searchable, and far easier to find online. If you are a Creative retoucher for example, make sure you include keywords associated to this as often as possible.
  • Be accurate Accuracy is very important. Any writing on your portfolio website should be spelt right and be grammatically correct too. Avoid text speak and slang. Even if you are not a writer by trade, publishing poorly written copy will make it look like you are careless and could hamper your chances of being hired. Ensure your About Me section is accurate too – if you have spelt your own email address wrong, or included last years mobile number, you certainly won’t get any offers or commissions through!
  • Link to your social media Include links to your Twitter, Facebook or Behance pages, as well as any other platforms that you frequently post to. It means people can follow your work and possibly share you on their own social media sites. It will also keep your clients and viewers updated with what you are up to when you are too busy to keep your main portfolio website updated with your latest work.

A.H.A Design’s website is a perfect example of a portfolio website, with all of the necessary elements. It is simple, yet memorable and contains all of the information that anyone visiting it needs.

Have you got a cool portfolio website already? Share it here with us!