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How to get clear skin in five minutes with Photoshop

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Use this method to clear complexion and get rid of those dreaded blemishes

We’ve all got images that need a little bit of sprucing up before we’re happy to let them be seen. Whether it’s holiday pictures we’d rather look at without remembering our bad skin days or portraits we’ve taken as stock that need a bit of retouching, Photoshop can help. Spots, imperfections uneven colouring and beyond can all be fixed within Photoshop using the basic toolset and a few simple techniques.

Retouching can be a time-intensive and long process, but not all images need complete restructuring and complex healing. Some images will benefit from a quick heal and it can make the difference between a good image and a great one.

Here you’ll learn how to quickly and effectively use the Spot Healing Brush, the Smart Blur filter and the Smudge tool to put blemishes to bed. If only it worked in real life.


Eradicate those spots

Step 1

Open your source file, Ctrl/right-click the Background layer and click on Duplicate Layer. Select the Spot Healing Brush from the Toolbar and click over the spots and impurities, changing the brush size if necessary.

Smart Blur filter

How to get clear skin in five minutes with Photoshop

Duplicate the layer again and go to Filter>Blur>Smart Blur. Set the Radius to 13, Threshold to 35, Quality to Low and Mode to Normal. Click OK and change the Opacity to 60%. Now you can use the Eraser tool to delete all the blurred areas beyond the face, leaving smoother skin.

Finishing touches

Step 3

On the Background layer, use the Smudge tool at 30% Strength to clear up any final impurities like uneven skin tone. Drag the tool around the image to complete your perfect portrait.

How to get clear skin in five minutes with Photoshop