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How I Made: Homecoming 1945

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Tips & Tutorials, by Rebecca Greig

Artist Kristina Gehrmann shares what inspired her to create this beautiful piece and the techniques she used

How I Made: Homecoming 1945


Artist Kristina Gehrmann had a clear theme in mind for this image: “This painting was inspired by a popular song from the early 20th Century, Lili Marleen, but I admit that the Tintin comics played a big role as well,” she explains. By using several reference photographs and sketching the concept out, Gehrmann also looked at paintings by 19th Century artists to learn from them: “I try to get the construction of the people, perspective and all other elements down as accurately as possible in the line drawing, as it’s crucial to start with a solid foundation.” Gehrmann’s preferred technique is to do all her painting in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. She adds, “I use the same set of brushes for all my paintings, readers can download them. I paint every single element with lots of love and elbow grease, the entire painting took 30 hours to complete.”

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