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How I Made: Epiphany

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Tips & Tutorials, by Rebecca Greig

Explore surreal scenes inspired by music and created with Photoshop adjustments options

Valp Epiphany FinalValp Maciej Hajnrich’s goal in this project was to create an image that was inspired by music, in this case the song Epiphany by Socionic. Within his design he strived to represent lyrical content, interpreting the meaning visually. “The song is about existentialism and ultimately how this creates a cycle spanning generations,” he reveals.

Hajnrich portrayed this by creating a calm scene, populated with stoic figures. “I imagined an abandoned field where an energetic blossoming process took place. It’s an image all about opposites,” he explains.

Lighting was vital to evoking the right mood, which needed to be synonymous with the music. “It’s not a fairy tale we’re telling. I created a sky full of storm clouds by painting light, and adding Outer Glow to the vortex and levitating human layers.”

Color Balance, Curves, Exposure, Channel Mixer and blending modes formed a sombre colour scheme. “I used these adjustments with matte painting techniques to combine my own stock,” he adds. “Using photo images instead of painting from scratch helped create necessary realism.”

How I Made: EpiphanyRough concept
The very first step is to grasp the mood of the music and represent this with imagery. Artwork should speak for itself, even if it’s just an understanding of position or a sketch.

Work with perspectiveHow I Made: Epiphany
Layering and creating perspective is key. Control the size of each element by interpolating correctly. Much more work follows compositing, so placement must create a realistic look.

Pay attention to details
A project of this scope can become engrossing, so be mindful of finer details. The same amount of attention was spent on producing special effects for the roots as it was on the levitating human. This is so everything looks believable.

How I Made: Epiphany