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Get serious about selections

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Tips & Tutorials, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Hungarian-born designer Sarolta Bán reveals her Photoshop selection tips

Get serious about selections

Select your images

Even a clean and simple image requires a number of elements to be selected from their original environment.


Sarolta recommends the Magnetic and Regular Lasso tools as the best options to make accurate selections.

Keep it clean

Clean polished images allow the viewer to focus solely on the feel and intention of the image rather than get distracted by jarring elements.

Be consistent

All selected elements should behave in the same way within the image and blend to form a cohesive new image.

Ordinary object

Intrigued by ordinary elements, Ban finds combining everyday objects creatively lets the image take on a new personality.

Stay directional

Keep the lighting direction similar in the final edit to give a realistic feeling.