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Feature Preview: Master Manga

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Tips & Tutorials, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Take your anime and shoujo manga painting style techniques to the next level with the latest Issue 123 of Advanced Photoshop

Feature Preview: Master Manga

If you are a digital anime artist who wants to improve your painting style, sharpen your skills and apply advanced techniques that go beyond the traditional cel-shading anime style, then this tutorial is for you. In it, you will learn how to create, colourise, and apply lighting effects through layers to enhance your characters and paintings. One of the biggest advantages to using Photoshop for your digital anime paintings is the ability to control all aspects of your illustrations through multiple layers, blending modes and selections. These are key to a more effective and less time-consuming painting experience; it gives the artist the freedom to control, change and experiment with different results, specifically in the anime and manga world where having your own style and voice is a must.

In this tutorial, you will learn to improve your line art quality, prepare and save selections, add colours to your character based on the traditional anime cel-shading style, but using new techniques such as layer styles, blending modes and soft brushes to create better and more colourful transitions that will enhance your lighting and shading effects. These will increase your repertoire of techniques and improve your current style. You will also explore the creation and development of the background and how it can create a foundation for producing a powerful and emotional response to the overall artwork.

Step 1 – The Concept

For this illustration, the concept was to create a typical anime illustration that is all about being cute and magical. The main points here are the design of her dress, with some influences of the Lolita fashion, shoujo magical girls like Sailor Moon or Madoka Magica, and keeping in mind the concept of floating and flying in the air. Rough sketches of the different ideas can be found in the tutorial files online.

This is just a sample of what’s included in Issue 123 of Advanced Photoshop, on sale at and now!