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Photoshop Tips: Expert typefaces

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Tips & Tutorials, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Theo Aartsma shares some of his top type secrets with his Full Circle project

“The glow effects were created by making a duplicate layer and using Gaussian Blur, instead of using the Outer Glow effect. I think this gives better results…

“The prism effects were done by creating a polygon selection and brushing with a large soft brush on the edges in different colours. This should be done on a new layer so you can also play around with the transparency and blending modes.”

Photoshop Tips: Expert typefaces

“The Plexiglass effect was created in Photoshop with the Pen tool, creating a selection out of that and then using a half transparent soft brush…

“I created one set of small circles with a lens flare effect in a separate document. These were copied and scaled multiple times in the artwork. After I put them all in, I skewed them to align them with the italic typography…

“The glossy effect that can be seen around the circles was done by creating a merged copy (on a black background) of all the circles and then using the Threshold filter. After using the this filter, I set the blending mode to Screen and the Opacity to 40%, which gave it a nice metallic highlight.”

Artist: Theo Aartsma /