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Expert tips for improving face detail in Photoshop

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Retouching can be done to many varying degrees, which is the beauty of it. To do a quick yet thorough model retouch, try using this subtle technique

Expert tips for improving face detail in Photoshop

Start by opening your model image and duplicating the layer. Set an Overlay blending mode and then Filter>Other>High Pass apply a Radius of 3 pixels.

Select a neutral grey tone (do this by opening the Color picker for Foreground Color dialog box and set H at 0, S at 0, and B at 50%. Apply this with an 80% soft-edged brush to soften skin details.

Set the High Pass layer blending mode to Normal. Apply Image>Adjustment>Threshold – setting Levels values between 120 and 130. Use your soft white brush to paint out facial artefacts before activating the Channels palette.

Cmd/Ctrl-click the RGB Channel and press the Load channel as selection icon. Go back into your layer palette, drag and drop your background into the New Layer icon and place at the top of your stack.

Hide your Threshold layer, and apply a layer mask to your new model layer. Invert the layer mask, apply a 1.5 Gaussian Blur and activate the layer thumbnail. Finally add Filter>Sharpen>Smart Sharpen.