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Create your own advent calendar – part 2

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Learn how to create a classic lift-the-flaps advent calendar using a few craft supplies and Photoshop

Folded-flap advent calendar

As part of our crafty Photoshop holiday projects, learn how to make your own folded-flap advent calendar. You’ll need a printer, lightweight cardboard or heavyweight paper, a craft knife, glue and most importantly, Photoshop!

Flap calendar step 1

Choose your two pictures, make sure they are the same size so they will sit on top of it each other perfectly when printed. Keep in mind the size your print will be to prevent pixilation.

Folded flap calendar step 2

Once you have your images, create sections by making lines and adding a stroke with your desired thickness to the top image. Finish by numbering each square. Don’t put the sections on the bottom image. Print on paper that’s not too hard to cut.

Folded flap calendar step 3

Using a craft knife, cut three sides of each section to create flaps. Be careful not to cut the borders. Then align the corners to the second image and glue them together.

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