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Create your own advent calendar – Part 1

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Tips & Tutorials, by AprilMadden

Use your Photoshop skills to create and craft these fantastic family calendars to celebrate the holidays!

Create a festive advent calendar

The Christmas season is a time to celebrate and spend time with family. During this time, advent calendars are a good way to come together and countdown to Christmas. Advent calendar work in a sequence to reveal something; either gifts, or a picture, or a story. As you count down, more is revealed and the excitement of Christmas becomes more evident.

To customise an advent calendar, all you need is a theme, some basic design knowledge, knowledge of Photoshop, and some time. Then, making your own personal, homemade advent calendar will bond your family as much as using it throughout the month.

Throughout December, we’ll be teaching you how to make three fantastic advent calendar projects.

Christmas boxes

Create festive, decorative boxes to hold a new surprise each day. Count down to Christmas with a daily treat!

Folder advent calendar

This fun folder-based advent calendar provides a great holiday decoration. Include custom messages in each folder to bond your family over the holidays.

Template for a traditional advent calendar

Create a traditional folded flap advent calendar. Opening each new day reveals the image behind or a new daily message.

Check back throughout December to discover how to make these three crafty projects with a little help from Photoshop!