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Create work tailored to the job you want

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Tips & Tutorials, by Rebecca Greig

Discover how Drew Lundquist, freelance photographer, retoucher and production artist landed his dream job

Create work tailored to the job you wantDrew Lundquist made sure that is portfolio was the best it could be, and that it was tailored to the job he wanted.

“I graduated with a bachelor’s in Photography from the Art Institute of Colorado at the end of 2012. While attending school, I set out to build a kick-ass portfolio tailored toward what I was aiming to do with my skill set when I was released into the photographic world, which in my case involved copious amounts of studio sessions coupled with many extensive hours in Photoshop.

“It was because of the portfolio that I had built, that I was offered an internship right out of school with the amazingly talented creative support studio Elevendy, based in Sacramento (they are unbelievably talented and some of the nicest people you will ever work with).

“My internship quickly turned into a ridiculously glorious full-time photography job. With Elevendy, I participated in many large-scale projects I would’ve never dreamed possible for someone so fresh into the commercial world, and had the privilege of working with clients like Ubisoft, The Sacramento Kings, Jelly Belly, Nerdist and many more”