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Create Vintage Textures Part 1

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Tips & Tutorials, by Adam Smith

Here we show you how to build and shoot your own textures for digital use

In this post’s tutorial, we show you how to create vintage photo effects from scratch.

We start by combining sand and thread, then shooting this mixture in a studio environment.

Preparing materials correctly is essential, so follow our comprehensive step-by-step guide and make sure you get the best results to work with.

Work with sand and ribbon to simulate lens artifacts

Pour sand

Begin by applying an area of sand across a large sized white sheet of paper. We recommend using a bottle container to do this, as this allows us to pour our sand accurately.

Create Vintage Textures Part 1

Prep string

Wrap red sewing thread around your middle and index fingers, building up a lot of thread and cutting the excess free. Remove the string, taking it between our thumb, middle and index finger and roll it into a neat ball.

Create Vintage Textures Part 1

Shred thread

Loosen your grip of the thread ever so slightly. Being extremely careful, place the ends of your scissors between thumb and index finger and continuously cut, effectively shredding the thread. Be careful not to spill any or cut your fingers.

Create Vintage Textures Part 1

Sprinkle thread

The next step is simple; just sprinkle the shredded thread over the area of sand. Work this into the sand using your fingers. Pinch and knead the sand and smooth with the palm of your hand.

Create Vintage Textures Part 1

Place paper

Now it’s time to even out the mix of sand and thread. Do so by carefully placing a similar sized piece of paper on top. Use one hand to hold this in place and the other to gentle smooth over the paper.

Create Vintage Textures Part 1

Final texture

Carefully peel off the layer of paper on top, trying not to disturb the flattened sand beneath. The thread will be dispersed evenly throughout. Now you’re ready to shoot and create vintage textures using what you’ve just created.

Create Vintage Textures Part 1

Check back tomorrow to find Part 2 of this tutorial…