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Create dazzling glows with Photoshop

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Tips & Tutorials, by Rebecca Greig

Gavin Campbell explains how he brought this F1 racing car to life using custom brushes, blends and adjustment layers

City LightBackground lights Find a cityscape night-time shot. use levels to darken the image and adjust the highlights to bring out the lights. use either the Magic Wand tool or the Refine Edge tool to delete the dark areas. duplicate the whole layer, add a blur effect and choose soft light to give the city lights a slight glow.

The Car Use levels and Hue/Saturation and increase the colour, Shadows and Highlights. use the Burn and Dodge tools to darken the body of the car and to brighten the light areas. Add a deep blue colour fill layer on top of the existing layers to accentuate the night effect.

Sparkle Choose a soft, round brush (size 30), set the spacing to 490%, increase the scattering to 500% and make sure the color is set the white. Paint the sparkles around the streaks. set the brush to a large size, create a new layer and add large sparkles. Add a gaussian blur to the layer for more dimension.

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