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Create a realistic photomanipulation

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Discover how to create a realistic photomanipulation with advice from Cristal Reza on concentrating on the little things

Create a realistic photomanipulation
Creating a realistic image requires attention to detail and that includes adding reflections to the tiniest of windows. Cristal Reza explains more.

Create a realistic photomanipulationDRAW IT OUT

Use your start image to sketch out your ideas and plan out which elements will fit in the space. Photograph or source the images that you’ll need to create the final piece. Seeing sketches on the image will help you visualise the style of the source images.



Make a quick composition, then add the main lights and shadows to see how the image reacts to them. Consider how pieces fit together, such as the window, which shouldn’t be sat on top of the pear, but rather cut into it.

Create a realistic photomanipulation



Add in the small elements that you may think will go unnoticed, such as the railway and clouds reflected in the windows. The image may work without them, but at the same time they give something more to put your eye on.

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