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Complete Cutouts, Part 2

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Dani Dixon shows you how some of Photoshop’s features can speed up and simplify your selection tasks

Complete Cutouts, Part 2

Thanks go out to Dani Dixon for this Photoshop tutorial. See part 1 here!


Step 7: Refine mask

Complete Cutouts, Part 2

Saving like this means you can go back easily and edit your mask. Go to Select>Refine Mask and work back into your image. This way, any extra edits you make can be saved onto another new layer, protecting your original and in-progress work.

Step 8: From the start with Smart Radius

Complete Cutouts, Part 2

If you’re unsure which selection technique suits your image best, then Photoshop can now help you out with its Smart Radius option which picks the most suitable method for you. With your selection active, open the Refine Edge dialog box, check Smart Radius and the tool will now adapt itself to suit the selection’s edge. This is a great tool if your selection includes mixed straight and wavy edges.

Step 9: Work Smart Radius

Complete Cutouts, Part 2

With the Smart Radius checked, set the Pixel Radius to 10 and select Black & White viewing mode. Select the Refine Radius tool and paint over the mask on the hair edge. The mask adapts and now more of the finer details are captured.

Step 10: Refining those hair details

Complete Cutouts, Part 2

If any elements have now been included in your mask by mistake, switch to the Erase Refinements tool and get rid of them now. Change the viewing mode to On White to see your selection better. This is a hard technique to master, so be patient and stick with it!

Step 11: Decontaminate colours

Complete Cutouts, Part 2

Lastly, to tidy up the edges, you can now use the Decontaminate feature. Simply check the option and move the slider until the colour fringing in your image has vanished. Once again, choose your saving Output options and then finish off how you normally would in Photoshop. These new tools do require patience and work, but eventually they will speed up and make your selection process much easier.

  • refining hair details was the awesome part, really enjoyed it thanks

  • Michael Houtved

    Hi do anyone have a link to the file with the woman or another similar to it, so I could try work with the refign edge details

  • Useful stuff… Most often people need to image cutout, they do that professionally sometimes.