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Tutorial Files: Issue 99

Curves Retouch
Futuristic Typography
Mechanical Concepts
Mono Effects
Synthetic Skin Effects
Vector Layers

  • Arabella

    I wanted to do the Curves retouch tutorial but the main pic with which the tut has been done is not in the source files. I understand that curves can be applied to all pics but if you want to learn what the person is talking about in the tutorial you need that file to see and understand the changes he is talking about. Any idea how to get that photo of the lady in the red dress?

  • Anna-lisa Saywell

    Hi Arabella, the image we used is from dreamstime, you can download it from their website image number – 19614481 Many thanks

  • Walt Lickteig

    In Issue 99 on page 46, 3rd paragraph, as part of “Master Striking Typography”, it states the starting point for the illustration can be downloaded at:

    the file is not there, nor on the disc…


  • Anna-lisa Saywell

    Hi Walt, I have just had a look and it appears that the futuristic typography base (vector eps file) is there but you need to drag it into Photoshop to be able to see it. Otherwise it looks blank. So once downloaded please drag directly into Photoshop.

    Many thanks