advanced photoshop

Tutorial Files: Issue 107

3D Type Tutorial
Displacement Effect
Mixed Media
Paint a Landscape Brushes
Underwater Tutorial

  • Eric de Jong

    Nice magazine, slightly difficult to read tutorials on an iPad.

  • oohiwan

    very useful tutorial. Thank You

  • nice magazine…I agree about trying to read it on iPad, especially the mini…I gave up and went to my regular size iPad…hard to find the files for the stuff in the magazine since digital version has no disk…I would love direct links within the magazine to take the reader to the files and tutorials…though downloading would need to be done on regular computer…when I get this, I just send myself an email with the link

  • Rotteinia

    Thank you for this magazine. I have been reading and following the tutorials for years….the addition of the digital editions has been GREAT! I can get everything I need right here at home along with the tutorial files without having to wait forever to get it in the mail or find it at barnes and noble.

  • Phil