advanced photoshop

Tutorial Files: Issue 105

Collage type
Home made Brushes
Oil painting
Zero gravity tutorial
Use dodge and burn

  • Yury

    I like it all

  • Richard Pike

    Issue 105 – Page 077 – Use Dodge and Burn tutorial files are not on the page linked in the mag. Anyone know where to grab them?

  • Anna-lisa Saywell

    Hi Richard, this should all be sorted for you now. Apologies about the delay.

  • Richard Pike

    Thanks Anna-lisa – much appreciated. 🙂

  • ahmade

    Hi,Any know where to get issue-106 tutorial files?

  • Anna-lisa Saywell

    Hi Ahmade – please click this link below: You will find them available here:

  • Fred

    Hi there.

    I really wanted to order this issue (105) but it seems to be out of stock from your website. Any chance to have additional copies soon? Or to order it any other way (I know there are digital versions but they’re only available through “apps”/tablets or through third parties programs).

    Thank you in advance,

  • Fred

    Nevermind, it seems the issue n°105 is back online and I’ve ordered it. Hope I’ll get it soon here in France.

  • Ar7wen .

    Why are source files for the cover not included? This tutorial is the reason I bought the magazine.