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Tutorial preview: Expert automotive retouching

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Advanced Photoshop Store, by Adam Smith

Creative and technical tips for enhancing a commercial photo

When retouching you’ll find yourself in a much better place if you have multiple
files to pull from, especially when each and every one combines into one final

Everything from camera angle and height to the direction of the light needs to be consistent if we’re to achieve realistic results. Unfortunately this isn’t the case most of the time.
Whether there are constraints while shooting, or the retouching of a specific image turns out to be an afterthought, we can find ourselves at the mercy of one lonely file. This means we could be left with having to make a whole lot of something from a whole lot of nothing.

Here we’ll be exploring the creative and technical possibilities of retouching a photograph of a vehicle, starting from a single RAW base file, then wielding
Photoshop to finalise the results.

From the foreground to the background we’ll go over everything you need to complete the retouch, including the processing of the RAW file, digitally painting the cars and creating a dust-kicking burnout effect.

All this will be completed in Photoshop without any additional applications or plug-ins.

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Tutorial preview: Expert automotive retouching


  • Thomas R

    So, I bought the magazine and is looking forward to doing the tutorial… however, where do I find the image of the 2 cars? it is not on the CD?

  • Anna-lisa Saywell

    Not everything is available on the disc unfortunately. However there are plenty of stock sites out there with similar car images – hopefully that can help

    Many thanks