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Tutorial preview: Paint a landscape

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Advanced Photoshop Store, by Adam Smith

Create an illusion of detail and apply group tonal values in your painted landscapes

Here you’ll learn how to create a landscape painting in Photoshop.

With just a basic knowledge of the program you’ll be able to produce convincing artwork in no time.

Some of the advantages of using Photoshop include being able to layer your work, create custom brushes and apply image adjustments. In the following steps, you will learn some of the tools used in digital painting and what Photoshop has to offer.

Before we jump into the process, we’ll find some inspiration. Look up ‘Angel Falls’ online to kick-start your research, as this is a fantastic example to use as reference. Try not to rush this step, as this is where you want to sit back, relax and be open to what you see.

Throughout the tutorial we’ll mostly be applying default hard and soft round brushes with Pen Pressure active. Play around with the settings of the brush and familiarise yourself with its effects. A quick tip is to squash the circle in the brush settings to create an ellipse.

Another frequently used feature is the Hue/Saturation adjustment. This is important for constantly checking the values, by desaturating the whole image and sliding the Saturation to -100. This way, the colours won’t distract you.

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Tutorial preview: Paint a landscape