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Photoshop® Tips & Tricks for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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Advanced Photoshop Store, by The Advanced Photoshop Team

Want to improve your Photoshop® skills? We show you how…

Photoshop® Tips & Tricks for iPhone, iPad & iPod touchPhotoshop® Tips will teach you a wide range of skills, from simple photo edits through to involved, advanced photomanipulations. The tutorials and features explain how to tackle vital tasks such as selecting objects, using brushes and working with filters as well as offering more challenging undertakings for aspiring professionals.

Photoshop Tips offers users one-tap page-turn navigation, smooth thumbnail scrolling, page zooming, feedback tools, the ability to share the guide with friends, bookmarks, a cutting-edge search engine, and the ability to viewed in either widescreen or portrait format – in other words a complete interactive experience.

Plus: once downloaded each edition of Photoshop Tips can be enjoyed completely offline.

Key Features
• Everything you ever needed to know about the world’s best design software
• Complete interactive experience
• Incredible, in-depth tutorials for all types of user
• Stunning illustrations for users to aspire to
• Helpful features that will enhance your Photoshop skillset
• Widescreen and portrait viewing options
• Share it with your friends

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