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Want to see inspirational Atomhawk artwork?

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The digital art and design studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get The Art of Atomhawk, Volume 2 on your bookshelf

The Art of Atomhawl Volume 2

Are you a fan of the latest Marvel movies, Mortal Kombat X, Gods Among Us, Pottermore or Project Spark? Then you’re a fan of Atomhawk. The digital art studio specialises in visual development and design for movies, games, products and much more, and is rounding up some of the best of its incredible artwork in a second art book, The Art of Atomhawk, Volume 2.

Packed with concept art from a selection of Atomhawk’s high-profile projects and featuring personal contributions from its world-class team of artists and work from the studio’s own creations, the book will also feature professional art tips and step-by-step guides to how Atomhawk artists achieve their awesome results.

“In the four years since we teamed up with 3D Total to create The Art of Atomhawk Design, Volume 1, our art team has really grown and developed and we’ve worked on some outstanding games and film titles. We now have a fresh and diverse body of work, which we know will make a great looking and inspiring book, with something in there for everyone,” explains Atomhawk director Cumron Ashtiani.

The Art of Atomhawk, Volume 2 is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Rewards for backers include a personalised portrait painted by one of the art team and the chance to create a brief for an Atomhawk artist to paint a bespoke image for inclusion in the book. Each Deluxe Edition of the book also comes with exclusive online access to video tutorials sharing the techniques the Atomhawk artists use when creating concept art for clients such as Marvel, Microsoft and Warner Brothers.

Find out more about the book and add your backing here.