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Turning nature photography into art

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When long lenses left the backgrounds of her bird photos blurred, Cheryl Medow turned to Photoshop to reimagine the scenery, developing a truly creative project

Reimagining photography

The 600mm lenses used to photograph wild birds without startling them have a problem – their shallow depth of field leaves background details completely blurred out.

When Cheryl Medow turned to Photoshop to re-insert backgrounds into her wildlife photography, she realised that she wasn’t limited by the realities of nature. This led her to reimagine the birds at a larger scale and in different environments. The results, as showcased in this Adobe Create article, are truly remarkable.


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  • Now need to attention on 600mm lenses. What a photography.

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  • Its become possible by the help of Photoshop. Thanks for sharing.

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