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The Real Draw

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See work from top UK illustrators at this new contemporary illustration exhibition celebrating modern art

The Real Draw
20 top illustrators from across the UK are coming to Cheshire for ‘The Real Draw’ – visually bold, vivid and full of imagination and flair, this is an illustration exhibition that sets the benchmark for some stunning new styles and ideas.

From the classic draftsmanship of book illustration to modern digital form illustration that we see in Advanced Photoshop, Marburae Gallery has ensured there is a complete cross section of illustration as an art form. You can choose to browse the references to the origins of Illustration found in Talya Baldwins delicate animal depictions, or see how artists such as Steph Coathupe and Carl Hoare reference the golden age of illustration.

The Real Draw
Otherwise, check out the work by Chris Moore, who has produced illustrations for ‘Jaws’ and Stephen King’s book covers, or see the best in digital art with Lauren Brown and Sam Bridge’s pattern designs and modern day characters. To attend the big opening for the exhibition, go to the Marburae Art Gallery at 7.30pm – 9.00pm on 4th September 2014, or be inspired throughout the time the exhibition will run from 5th September 2014 – 11th October 2014.

For more information, visit or follow the gallery on Twitter @artinmacc.

The Real Draw