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Sponsored post: LG releases world’s first 34-inch UltraWide Monitor

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News, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Recent winner of the TIPA 2014 Awards, the world’s first 34-inch UltraWide Monitor is the ultimate all-in-one at Thunderbolt 2 speed

Whether you’re working in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, monitor landscape size is directly linked to the efficiency of your work; yet it is not a topic that is often discussed. Many artists simply become accustomed to the annoyances that come from having less desktop real-estate – such as having to position programs, folders and images tactfully; or having to constantly waste time minimising because using Photoshop next to another piece of software at the same time proves virtually impossible to do comfortably. Until now.

Sponsored post: LG releases world’s first 34-inch UltraWide Monitor
LG, the recent winner at the Technical Image Press Association Awards 2014 (TIPA 2014), has come up with the perfect solution for graphic professionals: the LG 34UM95. This 34-inch 34UM95 with its 21:9 screen ratio and UltraWide QHD resolution is every Photoshop artist’s dream: a piece of technology that is essentially two powerfully vivid displays put together, without a bezel or glare at the edge. The bump in resolution alone, at 3440×1440, offers 1.8 times the space of 21:9 UltraWide Full HD (2560×1080) and 2.4 times that of 16:9 Full HD. Throw in new Mac Pro compatibility and features such as the dual link-up function – which lets you hook two computers to share the UltraWide monitor space for the OS of your choice – along with serial Thunderbolt™ 2 technology, and you get the best of all worlds.
Sponsored post: LG releases world’s first 34-inch UltraWide Monitor

Over 99% sRGB color space

What often frustrates Photoshop artists when creating professional work, especially when it’s for print, is lack of color consistency when moving images from one monitor to another, which ultimately forces many to rely on one high-end monitor to reference color fidelity. 34UM95 supports expressing over 99 percent of the sRGB color space, meaning you have a solid color range, and because it takes the place of two monitors, you no longer have to worry about how the same image will match up on another screen. Once installed, LG’s own True Color Finder software and built-in scaler also robustly sustains color consistency round the clock, across all of your images.

Sponsored post: LG releases world’s first 34-inch UltraWide Monitor

Serial Thunderbolt™ 2 for the dream station?

For Mac users, connecting your new Mac Pro to up to two 34UM95 UltraWide QHD resolution monitors and their Thunderbolt™ 2 technology will give you the fastest cable-based connectivity speed currently on the market. However heavy the load, the impressive 20Gbps speed with Thunderbolt™ 2 will deliver it all four times faster than USB 3.0 (though ideally matching it to data storage that can handle such speed such as the PROMISE Pegasus2, for instance, will help you reap the full benefits of this). As a plus feature, designers can simply connect the monitor to data storage to get a quick view of the image clips without having to boot their PC.

Sponsored post: LG releases world’s first 34-inch UltraWide Monitor

The best resolution, 4-screen split, flicker-free, and dual link-up – the list goes on.

The 34UM95 was built with professionals who endure long hours of monitor gazing in mind. LG’s 34UM95 display has a flicker-safe function, which stops the black bars, invisible to the human eye, from flashing on the screen. Meanwhile, Reader Mode automatically modifies harmful blue lights into softer tones so that looking at screens is no more tiring than reading a book.

At the end of the day, everyone wants a way to get more work done faster and more efficiently, without hardware slowing things down. LG provides a solution with the 34UM95. You don’t have to dream about the next big thing. It’s already here.

Sponsored post: LG releases world’s first 34-inch UltraWide Monitor