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Speed up your workflow with Colorway

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New application from The Foundry speeds up colourway iterations to help you streamline the design process

COLORWAY by The Foundry

The Foundry has just announced COLORWAY, a brand-new application that speeds up the process of iterating and finalising a 3D image.

The program allows users to load up an image file and quickly make a host of colourway changes on it – perfect for presenting several iterations of a design to a client.The client can check the designs and make their own tweaks through the tie-in COLORWAY Presenter applet.

COLORWAY by The Foundry

Matt Brealey, COLORWAY Product Manager at The Foundry, comments: “The process of creating a final look in 3D can be slow and frustrating for designers and clients. Simple changes involve round-tripping back into a 3D application for time consuming re-rendering. With COLORWAY these barriers are removed, enabling artists with the ability to make almost limitless real-time changes to an image.”

Tomasz Lechociński, 3D Designer comments: “COLORWAY will really change the way I work as a designer and make my life so much easier for sure. For me the best thing about it is being able to make live changes to lights, which allows me to test many different lighting scenarios in no time at all. It’s so much fun that I spend a lot of time just playing around with different light colours. The instant feedback is amazing.”

Lechociński continues: “Changing the colours, textures, and materials is particularly straightforward, which makes it an invaluable app for use at a wide range of companies – both by 2D artists refining their renders and by 3D departments. With COLORWAY Presenter, I can also get rapid feedback from clients, which helps me to quickly understand exactly what they want, and they love it because they get to experiment like artists themselves!”

The Foundry’s Brealey continues: “This application is not for one specific industry. It could be used in fashion design to pitch a range of shoe colors and textures to a marketing team, or maybe by an interior designer to show an alternate lighting environment or the grey wall versus the blue. The scene becomes as customisable as you decide to make it when you first render it out of 3D. Once it’s in COLORWAY, the possibilities are endless and lightning-fast.”

A COLORWAY kit for MODO, to let users import and export their COLORWAY files into the main app, is available today. A kit compatible with Maxon’s Cinema4D will be available soon.

People keen to try COLORWAY can access a free unrestricted trial today, available until the commercial release later this year.

COLORWAY Presenter and the exporter kits for MODO and Cinema4D are free.

The COLORWAY family are available on both Windows and Mac OSX, with and iOs version of COLORWAY Presenter coming soon.

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  • i also tried to design foundry by giving special different colour schemes to it ,but nice tutorial , beautifully explained the keypoints

  • ohh , i guess i was right , this is how one can change the colour scheme effect in a picture , very nice

  • jack hill

    the colorway family is perfect tool to change the colour scheme of the pictures and snaps .and most important factor to consider that it’s free for the designers

  • Lisa Anderson

    Very exceptional! Its amazing what 3D images can do for a design!

  • Jason Marnie

    These have really made my day, i got so excited when i saw this blog, really need to get colourway its brilliant.

  • Sally Marie

    I have never seen or heard of colourway up until now i can honestly say im amazed! what a brilliant piece of technology.