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Lightroom is updated, but will it make you join up to CC?

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Adobe’s digital darkroom software gets a CC overhaul, but will it induce you to join the Creative Cloud?

Lightroom CC

Adobe has announced today that big changes are to be made to Lightroom, which is joining the roster of Creative Cloud apps. Lightroom 6 was part of the cut-price Photography Plan subscription offering, and will now be updated to Lightroom CC.

This update sees Adobe move even further towards social media interaction and mobile device compatibility. An Android app for Lightroom is to be released and Adobe Slate, a new app, allows photographers to build stories with their pictures and share them with friends. Lightroom’s mobile app now has commenting enabled too, and you can share web links of your content. These are operational on any device and free as part of the £8.57-a-month annual plan.

As well as this, and a hefty processor improvement, there are plenty of new and improved features for helping photographers edit and process their shots.

Face recognition makes it easier to index faces, catalog pictures and can stack similar pictures, and this can tie into the social aspect of the software when you tag people into photos.

There’s a new focus on HDR and panoramas too; there’s the ability to photomerge with ease now to create more beautiful, better exposed, or just bigger pictures.

Slideshows now have added pan and zoom too, and there’s the ability to sync your pictures to music, a cool feature that will speed up or slow down your slideshow in relation to the soundtrack.

In terms of what this means for Photoshop users, Lightroom is a useful companion. Editing pictures to be used in composites just got even easier, as has sharing pictures with friends and connecting with other photographers.

If you’re a CC subscriber already, will the updates to Lightroom enhance your workflow, or did you opt for the Photography Plan purely for Photoshop?

If you’re not a CC subscriber, will this update induce you to give the subscription model a go or are you sticking to your older, tried-and-tested versions of the software?

Let us know what you think!