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How to get around the Photoshop Touch interface

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News, by The Advanced Photoshop Team

We take an in-depth look at the Photoshop Touch interface, now available on Android and iPad 2

We were already fans of the Photoshop Touch app on Android, but were frustrated that we couldn’t get it on our iPads… Adobe has now released the iOS version, meaning that even more users can benefit from this image-editing app.

Here we give you a brief overview of the main interface and what all the different menus and icons mean to help you get started with using the app for the first time.

Buy the Android version from the Android Marketplace here

Buy the iPad 2 version from the Apple Store here

We have a dedicated five-page tutorial coming up in issue 94, which is on sale in March.

How to get around the Photoshop Touch interface


All of the main tools are found down this left-hand side of the interface, with multiple tools in one spot


This is the Selection menu that you can use to make and refine selections – perfect for compositing projects


Click here to launch the Adjustments options, which is where you will find features such as Levels and Curves


This menu has a random selection of options, such as Crop, Image Size and Add Gradient or Fade, for example


The Edit menu, denoted by a pencil icon, is where you can cut, copy and paste selections and images into a project


The main editing window. You can click the little ‘<’ and ‘>’ symbols on the sidebars to hide these to give a better view


This menu has all of the options for adding layers, merging them and applying blending modes, just like in Photoshop


The ‘fx’ menu is where you can add effects, from cheesy photo filters to essentials like Blur and Sharpen


This is your Layers palette. You can turn the visibility of a layer on and off by clicking the little circle in the top left