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Get 10% off everything in the Imagine Shop during May

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It’s Imagine Publishing’s 10th birthday this month, so to celebrate we’re giving you 10% off all your favourite magazines and books in the Imagine Shop

Imagine's 10th birthday

We’re celebrating our 10th birthday this month, which means that, hobbit-style, we give out presents to our nearest and dearest. We’ve got a very special gift for you – 10% off everything in the Imagine Shop right up until 31st May 2015. That’s 10% off your favourite magazines and books, eMag DVDs, and even magazine binders and mugs. 10% is taken off each item individually, which means you’ll make a huge saving if you’re picking up several back issues to complete your collection!

Head over there now and pick up The Professional Photoshop Book Volume 6, our latest issue, or look out for issue 135 of Advanced Photoshop, on sale from 14th May 2015.