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Creative Projects for Beginners

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News, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Learn how to make your own movie poster, photograph a model, and create stunning watercolour effects in our Photoshop for Beginners: Creative Projects app

Creative Projects for Beginners

If you’ve always been interested in using Photoshop to create stunning images, but have never known exactly where to start, this is the app to hit the ground running! From the creators of Advanced Photoshop and Photoshop Creative magazines, the Photoshop Creative Projects Edition of our For Beginners series of apps is a guide containing a host of creative projects for Adobe Photoshop to impress with. Put your skills to the test and try some out!

For only £0.69/$0.99, this short guide contains everything you need to get started on some creative projects in Adobe Photoshop, including how to:

• Make a movie poster
• Photograph your own model
• Make a film reel photo album
• Create stunning watercolours
• Create a stunning macro photo effect
• Play with shadows
• Compose surreal artwork
• Photoshop basics
• A quiz to test your new-found knowledge

Creative Projects for Beginners

Get the app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch today at, or see our full Photoshop for Beginners app at

  • in my recent design project i tried to give paint with these custom brushes , but it was not that neat , may be i am a beginner

  • i was finding a easy learning tutorial who can teach me to design play with shadows, can any one suggest a good tutorial

  • jack hill

    watercolours on the guitar is a nice piece of artwork , i wish can be an expert to create such a design effect , very nice work

  • Lisa Anderson

    I have always struggled with photoshop. truly amazing post when im not so much of a beginner i may give it ago.

  • Jason Marnie

    Amazing designs d love to see more of these, i might even attempt one myself!

  • Sally Marie

    Play with shadows looks especially interesting! I think it is pretty awesome what a good software can do for an image.