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Adobe Photoshop CC: New release

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News, by Adam Smith

The end of CS box set is near, with the launch of Photoshop CC exclusively to Creative Cloud – we take a look at the new tools on offer

Adobe Photoshop CC: New release

Adobe this week has made massive strides in boosting Creative Cloud functionality.

The entire suite now includes hundreds of new updates. But what’s been made available for Photoshop users?

We’ll be pleased to know that Photoshop CC now features powerful new tools and methods for editing.

New to Photoshop CC

Camera Shake Reduction is one of the more noteworthy upgrades. This brand new filter lets us de-blur an image by restoring sharpness to images affected by camera shake.

A reinvented Smart Sharpen filter also features. This is used by means of adaptive sharpening, effectively minimising noise and halo effects in your photo images.

Photoshop CC now supplies us with the very latest ACR 8!

This software is no longer accessed separately, but now through the filter menu and lets us apply Raw processing to any of the layers in your document. This is unprecedented in previous versions of Creative Cloud and enhances work flow, as we no longer have to work in the two softwares separately.

The Lens Correction option in this version of ACR 8 has also been improved, with new and super-effective algorithms applied through the Automatic option.

The Radial Filter in Photoshop CC ACR 8 tops the lot. This lets us adjust everything from white balance to clarity, in a specific targeted area, using Point controls.

Other important additions for those of us who use the entire suite include:

•  CSS Designer in Dreamweaver CC provides the most up-to-date CSS and properties available via an intuitive visual editing tool

•  Editing Finesse in Premiere Pro CC focuses on sleek design and customisation capabilities, combined with new editing features and keyboard-driven editing improvements

•  Live 3D Pipeline with Cinema4D in After Effects CC lets you add 3D objects to scenes and eliminate intermediate rendering between applications

•  Parallax Scrolling in Muse CC allows you to create stunning effects with just a few mouse clicks — images and elements move in different directions at different speeds when scrolling

•  Motion Paths in Edge Animate allows you to animate elements along totally customisable paths

•  A completely modernised architecture in InDesign and Flash Pro has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and more reliable, with a streamlined UI

•  InDesign has a great new QR code creator

•  Flash Pro has real-time drawing and live preview

Streamlined creative process

Making it more connected and productive, new CC apps, settings, styles, fonts, colours, and assets can be synced to the Creative Cloud and available across your desktop and mobile devices.

We’ll be connected to the resources we need and the people that inspire us.

• Sync Settings makes working across multiple computers or setting up a new computer a breeze by synchronizing your preferences, presets and other settings through Creative Cloud

• Sync Fonts connects you to Typekit, including a new library of 175 professional font families available for desktop use. These fonts, worth over $20,000 if purchased individually, are included with your Creative Cloud membership

• Sync Colors lets you capture Kuler colour themes on your mobile device and access them in Illustrator CC, to use in all of your projects

• Easily share your work and get feedback from your community by posting your work-in-progress directly to Behance from right within Photoshop CC

• View file version history on the Creative Cloud website, which includes full file previews that make it super easy to browse changes or restore files

This major update combines the Extended and standard versions of Photoshop, offering up the 3D tools in Photoshop CC.

Full release is confirmed for June. For more information head to

To see specific Photoshop CC updates in action view the Chapter 2: Creative Tools Keynote here.

Adobe Photoshop CC: New release


  • allan

    i will use cs6 as much as i can… if my workplace change, i `ll have to use… but in my opinion nobody should buy this…to force adobe to think better… i`m also already start to see some gimp tutorials. Sad decision… looks like a final cut history….

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  • Brian

    I also believe this is a mistake for Adobe. I am happy to pay $600.00-plus for boxed software that enables me to set my own schedule for working in Photoshop. The creative cloud is a great idea, but I don’t want my ability to meet production deadlines to rely on my internet service provider. With the creative cloud, I can’t use the Photoshop license I paid a premium price for if my internet goes down or slows down. I love Photoshop, but if it is only accessible on the web, and somebody else comes with a comparable software I can buy in a box, I will buy the comparable software and leave Adobe behind. Please, Adobe, keep a full version of Photoshop available on disc or, at least, for download.

  • Allan

    I prefer the box version. I dont like the idea of my work being held hostage unless the monthly subscription is paid up. A little more expensive but I retain my freedom. On the other hand, if I am working for a company, let them decide if they want the subscription.