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Tutorial preview: Use the Repoussé tool for 3D type

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Magazine previews, by Julie Bassett

Create vibrant 3D type using the Repoussé tool in Photoshop CS5

Use the Inflate settings of the Repoussé tool to create balloon-style lettering

In this tutorial you’ll use the Repoussé tool (CS5 Extended) to produce 3D lettering that mimics the look of glossy helium balloons. The bloated effect produced by the Inflate option within Repoussé, combined with the advanced reflections the 3D system enables, work together perfectly to achieve this cool look. The end result is something that couldn’t be achieved at the same level of refinement without using this Photoshop 3D option set. Working with 3D in Photoshop has several advantages over dedicated 3D programs. One of these is familiarity with the way Photoshop works. 3D software can have a steep learning curve and be daunting for beginners.
Photoshop enables very quick, interactive editing of 3D scenes compared to the process in other 3D applications. That usually involves editing without being able to see the end result, rendering the image and then going back to editing, repeating until done. Photoshop enables you to edit parameters directly and see the results instantly, resulting in a much smoother workflow.

A decent level of understanding of some of Photoshop’s more basic functions, such as layers and selections, will be essential in order to complete this tutorial. Any experience with full 3D software or the concepts used in 3D graphics could also help, but isn’t essential.

Tutorial preview: Use the Repoussé tool for 3D type