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Tutorial preview: The Pen tool

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Magazine previews, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Use simple Photoshop tools and techniques to make stunning artwork

Sometimes the most striking designs are not the most intricate and complicated ones, but the ones that are actually very simple and straightforward to achieve. Minimalism is incredibly popular in the design world right now, with geometric shapes taking precedence in web design, and with fashion artwork hot on its heels.

Tutorial preview: The Pen tool

This tutorial will show you how to use basic Photoshop techniques to achieve a simple but beautiful photomanipulation that could easily grace the cover of any magazine. Cinema4D will be used to render shapes, which will then be imported into Photoshop. Flower petals were used as a reference for the beige and rose colour palette.

Tools are not used extensively; this tutorial instead encourages you to have fun making an eye-catching but minimalist image. You will need to use basic colouring techniques, the Pen tool and blending modes, and then play around with clipping masks, layer styles and filters to finish. Let’s start!

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  • Chris Araújo