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Tutorial preview: Striking graphics

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Magazine previews, by Julie Bassett

Use the power of Photoshop filters and layer functionality to create illustrative effects

While there are programs dedicated to creating illustrations, it is possible to replicate similar effects using just the tools in Photoshop, Working from a photo stock base, we can use a combination of layer styles, filters, gradients, layer masks and more to build up a mixed-media style that would look at home as a fashion editorial illustration.

The image is built up in sections, isolating key areas with the Pen tool and then using the techniques described in this tutorial to give that illustrated look. Doing it in this way helps us to build up and manage our artwork. Depth is added through shadows and highlights, as well as gradients, plus we have used texture stock photos and brushes to give a more tangible feel to the final piece.

Before you begin working on a project like this, it pays to get all of your resources to hand. We have supplied you with some custom brushes and texture photos, and we reference further stock imagery and custom brushes that we have used throughout the steps. We have completed this entire artwork using free stock, except for the main model image, which we sourced from Dreamstime (image number ‘14999622’.)

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Tutorial preview: Striking graphics