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Tutorial preview: Mechanical concept painting in Photoshop

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Learn to paint a futuristic tank concept from start to finish using Photoshop brushes, colour and layer options

In this tutorial, we will focus on how to paint a realistic tank concept that is both professional and accurate enough to facilitate a good 3D model. Often a concept artist will make a painting that just simply doesn’t work in 3D, such as a wheel bed may be too shallow, or a cockpit may lead to nowhere.

Such is the purpose of creating a relatively realistic-looking image, so as to clear up any confusion that an employer may have.  As with any painting, before you start, you should always familiarise yourself with the subject matter, by creating a nice bank of images of related material, in this case guns, hatches, tanks and treaded wheels.

We will show you why using the tools here in Photoshop is the most efficient way to do this, as opposed to other software. This is due to the advantages of blending modes, brushes and shapes tools, all helping you construct lighting, form and authenticity in your mechanical concept. We’ll also provide you with many shortcuts, commands, tips and tricks and other tools to help you do what is most important – to streamline your workflow.

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Tutorial preview: Mechanical concept painting in Photoshop